The Nadars, a photographic legend

The Nadars


Arsène Houssaye sitting next to a bust labelled "King Voltaire"

Félix Nadar, 12 april 1862

Drawing not included in Nadar's Pantheon: caricature from the "Nadar's Contemporaries" series published in issue 328 of Le Journal amusant
Charcoal drawing on brown paper with white-gouache highlights, 30.9 x 23.4 cm.
BnF, Prints and Photographs Department, STORAGE NA-88-ÉCU BOX
© Bibliothèque nationale de France
A member, along with Gautier and Nerval, of the Romantic Bohemian group of Le Doyenné impasse, Houssaye was an author, a journalist, a newsaper manager and even the head of the Comédie Française theatre for a few years. He was a true celebrity in the world of Parisian literature and journalism.