The Nadars, a photographic legend

The Nadars



Félix Nadar, août 1862

Silver print from the original collodion glass negative, 27.1 x 20.6 cm.
BnF, Prints and Photographs Department, EO-15 (4)-FOL
© Bibliothèque nationale de France
The revolutionary, philosopher and theorist of Socialism Mikhail Bakunin was one of the many charismatic people whose portraits Nadar took over the course of his career - and offered for sale in his regularly renewed portrait gallery. This 1862 print is contemporary to the shot's having being taken, but there is also a print made 20 years later, and, finally, a print from circa 1900, heavily retouched to suit the tastes of the day. In this way, for as long as the Nadar studio was in business, even the oldest celebrity portraits were still being made available to the clientele.