Edouard Dontenvill (1846- ?), N°101. Vue du TrocadéroEdouard Dontenvill (1846- ?), N°102. Vue de l'Ecole militaire
In the 1867 exposition, the centrepiece was a huge ellipse-shaped building gathering 52,000 exhibitors from all parts of the world. It was the first building erected on the Champ de Mars.
Edouard Dontenvill (1846- ?), N°103. Vue de l'Ecole militaire
Bisson jeune (1826-1900), Jardin central
This glass palace was surrounded with pavilions, evocative of every architectural style, spread in great gardens designed by the architect Alphand.
Bisson jeune (1826-1900), Parc français. Pavillon de l'Empereur Edouard Dontenvill (1846- ?), N°107. Le jardin réservé Edouard Dontenvill (1846- ?), N°108. Le jardin réservé
Frédéric Martens (1806-1885), Vue panoramique du Champ de Mars
Two wide panoramic shots by Martens present a general view of them.
Frédéric Martens (1806-1885), Vue panoramique du Champ de Mars Bisson jeune (1826-1900), Mobilier. Cristaux anglais
Bisson jeune (1826-1900), Galerie de peintureBisson jeune (1826-1900), Galerie de peinture
The extent of the undertaking was as remarkable as the richness of the inside décors. Every nation joined in the competition by displaying the greatest showpieces of its artistic, industrial and scientific achievements, as is illustrated by the fantastic series of photographs by the Bisson brothers.
Bisson jeune (1826-1900), Arts usuels. Autriche